2.1b Stress Lessons Grades 7-12 (with Grade 9-12 Guide) Training: May 8, 2023 01:00 PM ET

English - Stress Lessons Grades 7-12 (with Grade 9-12 Guide) Professional Development Training

Stress Lessons is a comprehensive resource designed for educators, social service workers, caregivers, and parents who want to help youth develop resilience. Full of psychologically-sound strategies and tools, this resource will help teens develop resilience and positive coping skills.

This training includes:
• 2.5 hour LIVE sessions that provides an in-depth exploration of the program content, stress management activities for the classroom and beyond.
• 1.5 hour long Masterclass in Stress Management Asynchronous Learning Opportunity and Summary Document.
• 1 Electronic Program Guide: Stress Lessons 9-12 (retail price $25).
• Live Q&A with Stress Management expert.
• Implementation tools for adapting and delivering lessons in the virtual classroom.
• Ongoing coaching and support through program delivery.
• Certificate of completion

***Please thoroughly review your order confirmation to complete the registration process after purchasing this training***

***Please note that we require a minimum of 15 participants to proceed with training***

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing the Stress Lessons Grades 7-9 Guide, you can find it here: https://strongmindsstrongkids.org/Public/Store/Electronic-Downloadable-Products/Public/Store/StoreLayouts/Electronic.aspx?hkey=8cd417ca-4268-42cb-965a-7ae68bdf6ee7