Meet Antonietta, TCDSB Teacher

Kids Have Stress Too! Digital Training


 Our Kids Have Stress Too! Digital Training is conducted over 3 one hour sessions  and is led by our Stress Expert.  Participants receive our evidence based program guide which includes  step-by-step lesson plans, tips, facts and suggestions on how to extend or modify the activities, plus links to more information relevant to teachers, caregivers and others working with children.  Click here for more details on training. 

Antonietta, a TCDSB teacher, recently attended our digital workshop and was kind enough to share her experience with us.
What brought you to attend the training?
I decided to attend the training when I received the e-mail from the Phys. Ed. Department because I thought that learning new techniques to help some of my needy students would be refreshing.

Did you enjoy the training?
I enjoyed the training very much because as Anne was speaking and giving us examples, I was able to connect, as I have tried a few things in my classes. I also learned that there are other students that now come to mind and can benefit from the activities.

Do you feel like it was helpful in your personal life? How so?
Yes, I felt it was helpful in my personal life because I recall some of the things my children did and how I responded. Knowing what I know now, I would have responded differently in some areas.
Do you feel like it was helpful in your professional life? How so?
It was very helpful in my professional life because I can now attack some of the problems that some students have using some of the techniques I learned in the workshop.
Are you currently supporting kids or youth at this time? How so?
I am currently supporting students with on line activities, always telling them that they can achieve anything they want. Also to do the activities as they wish and in a safe manner.

What would you say to someone if they asked you whether they should take the training?
I would like to share this training with a few of my colleagues and hopefully they will also take the training. This is excellent for Special Education teachers because there are many things they can learn and try them in their classes. It is a very informative and worthwhile workshop.
Is there anything else you would like to share?
More of these workshops are needed and teachers, especially new ones should be taking these workshops because in a teaching career many different children come through your classroom and you can be their connection to success when they feel like they can’t.