We are excited to participate in the Globe and Mail’s first-ever Psychology Matters section due out today, March 29th, 2022. This feature highlights the crucial role psychology plays in all aspects of life. Thanks to the leadership of our founding Chair Dr. Eric Jackman, this section will showcase various topics such as the vital role of psychology in early childhood education, students with learning challenges, and the advancement of mental health care and access through technology.  Ten leading Canadian psychologists were interviewed for this section of which half have supported or continue to support our organization and cause. Thank you Eric for ensuring a well-deserved spotlight is put on psychology and the good work of Canadian psychologists. 
Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada is featured in this section with trustees Dr. Robin Alter and Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon addressing the importance of building a solid foundation of mental health in children and youth.  Thank you Robin and Kofi for highlighting the crucial work of our organization in nurturing resilience in children and youth. Our article Laying the Groundwork of Mental Health in Childhood is on the first page of the section.
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