Strong Minds make for Strong Kids 

Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada is committed to promoting the mental well-being of children and youth in Canada. We are dedicated to nurturing resilience in kids with the use of psychological science so they can manage, learn, and grow from the many challenges in life.

Please join us to ensure that every child in Canada has the opportunity to thrive.

Please share this with the youth you know!

We are currently recruiting Youth Hosts (14+) to take part in an exciting project by creating video clips to build an online game world called Thrivelandia, where youth can play games with the goal of learning tools that help them become mentally stronger and more resilient.

The deadline for youth to apply is August 19th, 2022.

Successful candidates can use hours spent on this program towards volunteer hours required for high school graduation.

Please either share this poster or this link so youth can apply now!

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supporting and promoting the mental well-being of children and youth 

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