"The Stress Lessons training for Grades 7-12 refreshed my understanding of how stress can affect the brain, body and one’s behaviour.  As a French immersion high school teacher and guidance counsellor, I thought it was particularly useful to focus on the positive aspects of stress and will make use of the bilingual resources provided by the Psychology Foundation of Canada in upcoming lessons next term."  Highschool Teacher & Guidance Counsellor

We have a number of online training options for child-caring professionals:

Masterclass in Stress Management: Whether you are a parent/caregiver, work within a school environment or another type of child and youth serving organization, the information provided in our Masterclass is the first step towards understanding, recognizing and applying strategies to support the young people in your life manage life’s inevitable ups and downs. Stress Too and Stress Lessons programs. It will prepare you for implementing our stress management programs in your school.

Stress Lessons Grades 7-9 Training: Stress Lessons is a resource designed for educators (and parents!) who want to help youth develop resilience. Full of psychologically-sound strategies and tools, this resource will help teens develop resilience and positive coping skills. With components for teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and caregivers, it provides a comprehensive approach that will help young people.

Stress Lessons Grades 9-12 Training:This resource is based on a constructivist educational approach that recognizes students come to school with previous knowledge, experience and skills related to stress they can share with others and build on within the classroom and broader school environment.

Check out our upcoming Digital Trainings and our Webinar for this month. Don't forget we also have available at any time our Make the Connection 0-3 eLearning Course in English and French and our Masterclass in Stress Management.

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"I learned to:Allowing youth to be the ones to determine and voice what their stressors are as well as allowing for an open conversation to happen and just listening" 
"Helped me to understand details. Everyone experienced stress, but sometimes you don’t understand what is going on in your body, how you can help even to yourself. You have to start from yourself, to be able to advise someone else.
It is very educational. Thank you".