Dr. Ester Cole is a psychologist in private practice, and a strong advocate of SMSKPC. For many years , she was a supervising psychologist at the Toronto Board of Education, promoting multicultural services. Her work has focused extensively on supporting students, educators, and families across communities. She taught as an adjunct professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/ UT and at York University. She was a multi-year consultant to the former NGO, The International Children’s Institute, which supported the adjustment of refugee children in schools. Dr. Cole has written and co-authored numerous research and advocacy articles in recognised journals and professional publications; edited books, and has served on editorial boards. She has lectured in several countries, and has been a member/advisor of various committees and task forces focusing on mental health program development for children and youth. Her multi-year advocacy for equity, diversity and inclusion, has been embedded in her leadership positions nationally, and in the USA. She was the President of the Canadian Association of School Psychologists, President of OPA, and Chair of the Psychology Foundation of Canada (PFC), and its Parenting for Life Program. She currently serves on SMSKPC’s program committee, and on the professional advisory council. At OPA, she was chair-Disaster Response Network, and the Canadian Representative on the APA/DRN Advisory Committee. She is a member of CPA- Professional Affairs & Human Rights and Social Justice Committees, among others. At APA, she served on the Council of Representatives , and was a member of the Board of Professional Affairs. She currently services as a member of the APA Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Subspecialties in Professional Psychology (CRSSPP)”.