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Instructions: Before initiating a classroom or group discussion on the

topic of identity-based stressors, do a simple self-reflection.

Remember: It is important not to shame yourself if you have been avoiding these conversations. Shame and fear can cause us to shut down or stop trying. The way we can counteract shame is through self-compassion. We all have different lived experiences and are at different stages of learning and unlearning. The way to practice self-compassion is to be curious and ask yourself more questions.

Call to Action:

After reflecting on your own comfort level, think about how you will challenge yourself to move from comfortable to courageous. Pick one of the following calls to action or come up with your own: 

1. Do you feel ill-prepared to talk about identity-based issues? If so, how can you commit to learning more about the issues?

2. Do you reroute classroom discussions when you sense discomfort in the room or ignore problematic comments made by students or staff? If so, what strategies can you use to help guide the discussion next time? Can you use curiosity to create a teachable moment out of discomfort?