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Parents & Caregivers

Taking care of others starts with taking care of yourself.

As we near the year and half mark of this pandemic, we imagine you are exhausted and are facing stressors that we never would have thought possible. You are working so hard to maintain some form of normal life. For many of you, this includes working with or parenting children and youth who are also dealing with these high stress experiences. We are all trying to balance managing our own stress while supporting the young people in our lives.


This 1.5 hour workshop provides you with practical strategies and resources to help manage life’s ups and downs. Together, we will explore opportunities for promoting your own mental health and well-being in your workplace and home. Participants will discuss what stress is, the physiology of stress, and how to engage in positive coping mechanisms. Participants will come away from this session equipped with resources to take care of their own stress, access to interactive tools, workplace resiliency booklets, teacher tips, and more.


This 1.5 hour workshop on the fundamentals of stress and resiliency is the first step towards understanding, recognizing and applying strategies to support the young people in your life manage life’s inevitable ups and downs. This program will walk participants through skill-based activities that guide them to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in their children and youth, understand what stress “feels” like, identify their children and youth’s stressors and their impacts, see the upside of stress, and learn to support their children with the implementation of coping and problem-solving strategies. 

Our Workshops are held virtually via Zoom and the cost is $500 for up to 100 participants. Please contact us to book your Workshop now!