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You are awesome!  Check out these cards to remind yourself of the great qualities you already possess and take the time to reflect on your amazing resiliency building characteristics.  Download them in English, French and printable version.

I printed the posters off, coloured and laminated them. Each week for five weeks I introduced a poster, read it to the class and asked the children what they thought it meant. This led to a discussion on the topic and children giving examples in their own lives and the group as a whole coming up with ideas of how we could incorporate each message into our daily lives.  After each poster was introduced, we put it up as a reminder of the discussions. Some of the children asked if there were more posters and were disappointed when I introduced the last one. They quite enjoyed the process of chatting through each one and coming up with some cool life skills. The posters were great conversation starters.

Trina Chapman, Grades 1-3 teacher, Village Hearth Community School