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Some closing thoughts on Best practices for responding to identity-based stressors

Just like we know kids have stress too, we also know that there are a variety of stressors that may be causing a stress response. In response to a KHST! or Stress Lesson activity prompts, students may share that they feel stressed because someone made fun of the way they look, or that they are nervous about being seen as different. Intentionally structuring your space to be safer, inclusive and as equitable as possible will help your participants feel comfortable talking about stress, and how they can manage it. It will also help you appropriately respond to disclosures about stressors that may be related to identity, such as ability, race, creed/religion, socio-economic status, or gender.

We hope that Module 1: Best Practices for Responding to Identity-Based Stressors can help you on this journey. Remember: The journey is ongoing and iterative. Be patient with yourself, and your students. We are all learning together!

Continue your journey in the next module, Module 2: Communication in the Classroom

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