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Kids & Teens


Following the success of our Stress Busters Pilot Year, Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada (SMSKPC) will be delivering a unique and timely program to children in grades 4-6 (ages 9-12). We will deliver a program that was designed from our evidence-based Kids Have Stress Too! (KHST!) program coupled with a peer-to-peer support component to put their learning into practice and to provide participating children and their families with education and support in relation to stress management and resilience.


  • In this program, kids learn psychology-based stress management techniques and practice these strategies in a safer space.
  • Participants practice their learnings among supportive peers, forming connections and strengthening their coping strategies.
  • Each lesson includes the education component and practice component. In the practice component, children are given the opportunity to reflect on what they learned and to Talk about it, listen to each other, and connect over their new shared knowledge of stress management skills.

If you are interested in learning more or to book a session in your School Board/ District please contact us.

I was in this program and it was so much fun but also helpful.

I feel safe, comfortable, and happy in this group.

There are kind and funny people on the other side of the screen.