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Make the Connection 0-1 allows you to facilitate a group program for parents and babiesage birth to one   

MTC 0-1 helps parents interact with their babies in ways that promote secure attachment, communication and brain development. This intensive and enjoyable program combines hands-on activities, parent reflection and discussion as well as personalized video feedback.

Parenting resources Parenting resources have been developed to support parents in their efforts to promote secure attachment, communication and learning.

Program Format

Parents attend Make the Connection 0-1 with their baby for 9 sessions. The group usually includes 8 to 10 families. Sessions are typically co-led by two trained MTC Group Facilitators.

MTC uses an experiential, adult learning approach which takes into account diverse learning styles and modalities. It leaves room for parents to individualize the program messages and information depending on their personal and cultural experiences. The learning process is further enhanced by the supportive ways in which group facilitators relate to parents – by connecting, communicating and facilitating in ways that parallel a nurturing parent-infant relationship.

Session Format

30 minutes of guided parent-infant play activities including songs, rhymes, social interaction and exploration.

 30 minutes of parent reflection and discussion on one of the Love, Language or Learning themes.

30 minutes for refreshments and mingling while parents are individually videotaped playing with their infant.

Program Content

The core messages of MTC 0-1 are broken down into three interrelated systems of infant development:

  • Make the Connection with Love – within a nurturing relationship, infants develop a secure attachment that includes ‘falling in love’ with the parent, trust in the parent’s responsiveness, emotional and physiological regulation and a positive sense of self
  • Make the Connection with Language – within a responsive relationship, infants discover the power and process of two-way communication, joint attention and gestural/symbolic language
  • Make the Connection with Learning – within a developmentally attuned relationship, an infant’s natural curiosity and motivation to learn are supported.

Videotaping is an essential medium for learning in Make the Connection. At two sessions, the guided play time is shortened to allow time for reviewing positive highlights of individual parent-baby videotapes. In reviewing the tapes, the group facilitator helps parents recognize positive aspects of interaction with their child, become more aware of their child’s signals and provide positive feedback to support parents.