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Activities for caregivers and children birth to three

MTC 0-3 allows for more flexible delivery within various service and cultural contexts. Recognizing that it is not always feasible or suitable to run a nine-week group program, MTC 0-3 can be delivered in home visits or other existing situations where caregivers and babies get together.

MTC 0-3 puts researched information into down to earth messages and activities which can be used with parents to help them connect with their young child in simple and pleasurable ways. In addition, it helps parents engage in conversations about the emotional demands of parenting and what makes it difficult to nurture a young child.       
7 Topics, 42 activities to support attachment
There are 7 topics that are central to promoting secure attachment from birth to three.  There are three main learning activities for parents only – Videos, Personal Stories and a Photo Book; and three attachment-promoting activities for parent and child to do together – Music, Playtime and Stories.

Parenting Resources have been developed to support parents in their efforts to promote secure attachment, communication and learning.
MTC 0-3 is designed to strengthen the parent-child relationship where there may be risk factors related to: 

  • The child  – e.g. medical needs, developmental delay, difficult temperament, adoption
  • The parent – e.g. lack of confidence, PPMD, unresolved grief or trauma, history of insecure attachment, partner conflict,  financial stressors, a recent move
  • The community  – e.g. lack of supportive family or friends,  lack of immediate therapeutic intervention

    In contrast to the MTC 9-week group programs, MTC 0-3 is for staff working one-on-one with parents or staff who want to introduce a few attachment activities to small groups of parents.