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Teachers & Professionals

Welcome Teachers and Professionals!  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the babies, children and youth you work with.  Our goal is to support you in making an even greater impact on kids by providing our evidence-based professional training and programs on secure attachment relationships, stress management and resilience skills.

Every child needs a champion.  An adult who will never give up on them.

Rita Pierson

Check these out by clicking on the drop down menu bar above that applies to the age group you work with. Here are some NEW programs we’d like to highlight.

  • Make the Connection is a fun and interactive online program to help you support parents in promoting a secure attachment and brain development with their infant aged 0-3.  This program gives you the tools you need to support the parent in emotional growth and healthy parent-child relationships.
  • ThriveLandiaThriveLandia is an online resource filled with fun learning activities for the children and teens you work with (ages 10-17) to help them thrive at school and in life; in other words to be resilient, based on Dr. Diana Brecher’s Five Factor Model of Resilience. Click on the link in the drop down menu to find out more.  By signing up for ThriveLandia you can get access to lesson plans, handouts and presentations. For more information contact
  • Stress Lessons Peer Mentor TrainingOur NEW Peer Mentor training opportunity is designed to empower your students by transforming them into Peer Mentors within their school’s mental health culture. This innovative approach, developed as an extension of our original Stress Lessons: Tools for Resiliency Grades 9-12 program for educators, encourages your students to apply what they have learned about stress management by supporting their peers. For more information CLICK HERE