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Our Chapter of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation Game Changers Playbook 

We are a national registered charity dedicated to nurturing resilience in kids with the use of psychological science so they can manage, learn, and grow from the many challenges in life. We help infants, children and youth build a solid foundation of mental health before problems or issues may begin. 

Our psychology-based, evidence-informed Kids Have Stress Too! (preK to grade 6) and Stress Lessons (grades 7-12) programs are widely used by educators and child and youth serving professionals across Canada. Our programs are curriculum aligned and designed to seamlessly integrate into the classroom. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation, we are able to provide our programs for FREE to educators and child-serving professionals working within School Districts in Saskatchewan. We are excited to offer the following programs and resources to Saskatchewan educators.

  1. Kids Have Stress Too! Preschool, Kindergarten & Parent 
  2. Kids Have Stress Too! Grades 1-3
  3. Kids Have Stress Too! Grades 4-6
  4. Stress Lessons Grades 7-9
  5. Stress Lessons Grades 9-12
  6. ThriveLandia 
  7. Stress Busters Program

Click the Program Guidebook of your choice and use promo code SMSKGUIDESSK in our online store to download your copy. ​​For a FREE bulk order of up to 100 Program Guides of your choice for your school, please contact Mackenzie, Coordinator of Programs and Partnerships

Our virtual program training is designed to support the implementation of our programs and provides participants with an in-depth walkthrough of the lessons and resources. To learn more about our training and how to schedule a session, please contact Please note, we require a minimum of 15 participants to book a training.

Stress Lessons 7-12 on May 16, 2024 at 12:30pm – 3:00pm CST:


ThriveLandia is a fun, online resource filled with fun learning activities for kids and teens (ages 10-17) to help them thrive at school and at life; in other words to be resilient. It’s been adapted by SMSKPC from the well-known, Toronto Metropolitan University program, ThriveTMU, which helps post-secondary students develop abilities for thriving that will serve them throughout their lives. Using the 5 Factor Model of Resilience, ThriveLandia comprises five fundamental aspects of thriving: mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self-compassion, and perseverance, as teens navigate through five lands and build their arsenal of resiliency.

With teacher access you’ll receive direct access to all our teacher lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, and student handouts for the 5 lands in ThriveLandia. These resources have been developed specifically with educators in mind to make it easy for you to implement ThriveLandia in your classroom. 

To access ThriveLandia in your classroom, use promo code Thrive-SaskT.

Stress Busters

Stress Busters is an 8-week virtual program designed for kids to learn psychology-based stress management techniques and practice these strategies in a safe space. Designed from our evidence-based Kids Have Stress Too! (KHST!) program coupled with a peer-to-peer support component,  participating children and their families will receive education and support in relation to stress management and resilience, forming connections and strengthening their coping strategies.

To bring Stress Busters to your students, contact Meghan Williams, and be sure to reference Roughriders in your subject line.

For educators and child serving professionals in Saskatchewan who are interested in being trained in our programs, we have training sessions available! These trainings include the relevant program guidebooks of your choice. 

We require a minimum of 15 participants to run a training. If you have a group of 20 people or more people in your school district interested in training, contact Mackenzie Cielen-Gough, Coordinator of Programs and Partnerships to coordinate a private training for your team.

For smaller groups, you are welcome to register for one of our open sessions below. Please have all individuals on your team register themselves:

If you have any questions about our programs, please contact Jaime Luttmann, Manager of Programs and Partnerships to learn more.